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Our IPO Methodology

With over 10 years of developing strategies for SMEs Website, we have designed a proven methodology that worked for F&B, Corporate, Child Care, Retail, Interior Design, Health Care and many more industries. Your target audience / customer is our TOP priority. With that in mind, we designed our IPO Methodology in such a way that it moved down the consumer buying process.

Integrated Online Presence

The first question we always ask our clients

Is Your Online Presence Integrated?

By Integrated we mean:

Organised & structured so that constituent units can function cooperatively.

This means that you need to have an Organised and Consistent Online Presence that your target market can view in Different Browsers (IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari) and Different platforms (Mobile, Tablets, IOS, Android, Laptop & Desktop). About 60% of Google traffic now comes from mobile, are you attracting your visitors to your offer or are you forcing them to click the exit button by giving them bad viewing experience?


Persuasive Design

Once Your Online Presence is Integrated. Our specialist deep dive into area that meet your business objectives. E.g. Making your website visitors ‘do something’ it can be inquiring about your products and services or getting quotation. With that, its a closer way to turn your prospect to customer.

P.S. Web traffic does not guarantee conversion if your website is NOT purposefully designed in a persuasive way.


Optimising is making the best or most effective use of your website for all marketing efforts. Your website is your 24hrs Salesman.

We designed website that are easy to maintain &update without paying additional cost to your agency. We empower businesses to leverage on technology. If you have a promotion to offer, event update to notify your stakeholder or changing to a new office address. You will have the control to update, edit content and upload portfolio images. Back by statistics, you will know where your visitors are coming from and continuously optimise to deliver result that matches with your objectives.

Some of our value added services:

• SEO Friendly (Waived)
• Google Analytics Installation (Waived)
• 2 Hours CMS Training (Waived)
• 30 Days Warranty (Waived)

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