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traditional marketing is disappearing ...

It's disappearing slowly, quietly and gradually. Why? As years past, we realised the needs of consumers want, and expect to be heard. Also, in taking control of the content they receive. It doesn't allow any communication, which proves that it's time to move on to the social world.

44 % of the direct mail
is never opened...
Taken from: http://goo.gl/X5Us7T

86 % of us spend less time
watching TV and let alone
watching TV commercials..
Taken from: http://goo.gl/X5Us7T

600,000 of Singaporeans
have joined the Do Not Call
(DNC) Registry...
Taken from: http://goo.gl/RUPnaI

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Integrated Online Presence, Persuasive Design and Optimise!

With over 10 years of developing strategies for SMEs Website, we have designed a proven methodology that worked for F&B, Corporate, Child Care, Retail, Interior Design, Health Care and many more industries. Your target audience / customer is our TOP priority. With that in mind, we designed our IPO Methodology in such a way that it moved down the consumer buying process. Learn About our IPO Methodology.

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